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PsyLab is a research laboratory in psychology. We work in the fields of clinical, social, cognitive and developmental psychology. We work on behalf of individuals and organizations. Our ontological posture is based on a true multidisciplinary approach. We try to understand the individual and the group as a whole.
Our mission is to help you overcome challenges and make you happy.


This laboratory was created in 2017 by Dr. Jeremie Aboiron, a graduate of the School of Medicine in Psychology. This laboratory is part of the Neofaculty school accredited at European level.

It brings together teachers, researchers and doctoral students from all disciplines of psychology.


The Art of Conversation: Strategies for Meaningful Interaction

Conversations are an ancient technology that aligns our brains, fostering connection and understanding between individuals. Although conversations are essential to social interaction and well-being, they have long remained a mystery for psychologists to unravel. However, recent advances in psychological research techniques are providing a better understanding of the subtleties of conversations and their influence on …

The Gray Divorce Phenomenon: Challenges and Changes After 50

Divorce is a life-changing event that can have emotional, financial and social repercussions for individuals, particularly when it occurs at an advanced age. The divorce rate among adults aged 50 and over is rising steadily, while it is falling in younger age groups. This essay explores the challenges, complexities and implications associated with divorce after …

Navigating Neurodiversity: The Road to Adulthood with Autism

Research highlights the challenges faced by people with autism in adulthood. It reveals a high rate of comorbidity between autism and ADHD, with up to 70% of people with autism also being diagnosed with ADHD. In addition, it highlights the importance of social competence in adults with autism, as high levels of social competence are …


Aboiron J., Social Psychology: Get Your Workplace Great Again!, 2019

This book brings together the methods and theories of social psychology that are most useful on a daily basis for managers or heads of organizations. Developing human capital is a key determinant of organizational success and, to achieve this goal, it is necessary to improve and maintain the balance between the needs of the organization and individuals. This book responds to this dual problem, organized around the three components of the individual, the group and the organization. The aim is to understand the basic principles that make it possible to build a good working environment and improve the conditions of each of the actors while keeping the performance of the organisation as an objective. This book is mainly dedicated to students in management sciences, managers or heads of organizations. It is designed in both theoretical and practical terms; the concepts are accompanied by concrete and real case studies. Teachers and trainers can request the pedagogical notes that accompany each case study free of charge.

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