Covid19: How to prevent anxiety and stress disorder?

1. Do not attach the disease to any particular ethnicity or nationality. Be empathetic to everyone affected, in and from any country. The people affected by COVID-19 deserve our support, our compassion and our kindness.

2. Reduce stigma.

3. Minimize watching, reading or listening to information about COVID-19 that makes you feel anxious or distressed; seek information only from reliable sources. Get the facts; not rumors and misinformation.

4. Protect yourself and support others.

5. Find opportunities to amplify positive, hopeful stories and positive images.

6. Honor caregivers, health workers and all workers who continue to work for the proper functioning of the subsistence minimum: supermarkets (cashiers and handlers), garbage collectors, delivery people, etc. Recognize the important role they play in ensuring a vital daily life for all of us.

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